Patriot Ridge Activity Day Boys Raingutter Regatta

Wednesday April 10th.

What is a Raingutter Regatta? It is a like the Pinewood Derby, but on water instead of a track. And instead of gravity each boat is pushed down the track by its owner’s work blowing “wind” through a straw. While some Regattas are raced with kits, we’re doing a “recycled” race where you build your boat from stuff you already have.

General Rules:

  • Each boy will build their own board. Parental help is encouraged and loved.
  • Boats should be made from “recycled” materials. Examples below.
  • Each boat will need a sail so that when the boy blows on the sail the boat moves down the track.
  • Bring your own straw(s).
  • Hands cannot touch the boat unless it tips over. If it tips, you will be able to “right the ship” as long as you tip it back up exactly where it tipped over.
  • You should practice in the bath tub before Wednesday!
  • The lane for each boat is less than 12″ wide. Plan accordingly!

Here are some boat ideas:

  • Plastic water or soda bottle
  • Plastic milk jug
  • Paper milk carton
  • Small plastic food container
  • Empty juice box
  • Pool noodle

You will need a mast to hold your sail. Ides:

  • Craft stick
  • Pencil
  • Skewer
  • Knitting needle
  • Popsicle stick

Finally, you will need a sail. Options:

  • Card stock
  • Construction paper
  • Foam craft sheet
  • Cereal box sides

Here is an example of what the race will look like. This is a cub scout pack using kits and no straws, but this should give you the idea. Skip to 3:45 for the racing.

This is another example showing how to make a boat from a pool noodle and Popsicle stick.

Here is a boat built from tinfoil and a straw!