Jan 082012

I am seeing a lot of folks who are worried about their privacy on Facebook. Most of what I am see people do doesn’t work, and in some cases can cause bigger problems. If you will do the following four things we can make Facebook a better place and even better we can all take control of our own personal privacy.

1 – Open a new window to Facebook and click “Update Status.” Look in the lower right hand corner, right next to the box that says “Post” and clock the down arrow. Those are different ways that you can limit who can see your post, and also who can see when your friends like or comment. I commit to checking that setting *every* time I post; you should too!

2 – There are some times when you post something that might be valuable or interesting to more than just your friends, in this case it is OK to make a post “public.” If you do that warn your friends so they know before they comment as their likes and comments will also be public. This post is public, respond appropriately. I commit to telling you when I have posted something as public; you should too!

3 – You can see how your friends have posted something by letting your mouse pointer hover just to the right of each post’s time stamp. The icon will change based on the setting but you should be able to recognize it when you see it. I will commit to checking the status before I like or comment on any post; if you are concerned about privacy you will do the same.

4 – Lastly, and perhaps most importantly I will share the word. There is lots of miss-information out there and only we can make it better. Let your friends know how this works and why it is important. I’ve made this post public so you can share it and I will also post a link to zollinger.org that you can share (http://zollinger.org/?p=390). You can cut and past this as your status or use your own words, it doesn’t matter, what does matter is that we need to get the truth out there. I’ve done my part, now do yours.

If you want to read more click here.

Good luck, and be safe out there.

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