May 122011

  • Mostly I am posting to test a new plugin I installed for yesterday, I know that the vast majority of you don’t care much about my morning commute. 🙂
  • I just gotta say, 45° is a bit cold for a ride. It will be in the 60s this afternoon when I ride home and that is going to be much, much, much, much nicer. Even from the start of the ride to the end it got 8° warmer and that made a big difference. Overall it wasn’t too bad, but my feet were cold the entire ride. I’m glad I geared up extra after I checked the temp before I left the house.
  • I used my new-ish Motorola Rokr SD-H9 headphones. They are bluetooth, lightweight and super duper nice. There are volume and track controls on the headset and you can hear the music and the cars around you at the same time. I love them, but make sure you get the SD-H9 model and not the SD-H10 if you are going to get some. They ruined sound in the 10s.
  • I put my birthday present (Conti Hardcase tires) on the bike last weekend and they are awesome. They are a hardened tide as you can tell from the name and they ride like butter. I am really looking forward to a season of no flat tires. I’ll keep you posted.
  • I also put new cleats on my shoes last weekend. They are the same brand as the cleats that came with the pedals, even the same model but they work so much better. I had now idea that new cleats would make such a huge difference, but it is almost like clipping into a bucket. I struggled at times with the old cleats to get hooked up, in these cleats if my foot is anywhere close to the pedal it seems like there is a magnetic force that locks the shoe to the pedal. So awesome.
  • Finally, today is a new record: 216 pounds post commute. If I can stop the galloping gut syndrome maybe that number will go down. Let’s hope.
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