May 302011

Once I start a collecting something I have a very hard time stopping, which may be why I have 75 different bottles of hot sauce in my home office. Similarly, when I start a series I have a hard time stopping as long as there are books to be read.  In fact, I can’t remember the last book or series I didn’t finish once started. Basically, if I start it I finish it.

This series is testing me; the desire to move on to something else get stronger with every additional book I read.

So, if you are going to read the book let me suggest you first swithc off your brain — that will help with the inconsistencies and plot holes.  Further, if you read and enjoyed the Ludlam books don’t read anything beyond #3. Should you do that you will, like me, keep hoping that Lustbader will eventually find the magic that made Bourne such an awesome story and re-instill the sense of wonder missing so far.

Not gonna happen.

In fact, the series is going downhill rather quickly. Lustbader has managed to create some very fun characters such as Soraya Moore who we met in the last book. In the last book she was smart, resourceful and fearless. The plot of this book apparently required that she behave as if she’d had her brain removed, so she had her brain removed. I have a hard time with a plot that requires that people go out of their way to be stupid, and in this series we see it again and again and again. Frankly, I’m tired of it.

Another aspect of the books that is getting old is the idea that the US government is filled with evil men who are desperate to kill Bourne. This is what, the 8th book in a row where someone in our government tries to kill Bourne only to have Bourne save the day at the end of the story to great acclaim? At some point you’d expect our leaders would say “Hey, maybe we should stop trying to kill this guy. Wadda ya think?” Never happens.

The other irritant is that in this world time and space don’t seem to matter. It seems like you can pick up the phone in one country and call someone in another without worrying about what time it is there. Nor does traveling from one hemisphere to the other leave anyone weary or in need of sleep. I don’t mind the idea of suspending belief to advance the plot on occasion, but one of the selling points of the thriller genre is that it is set it the world of what is. This series has piled unbelievable action on top of unbelievable action to the point of being set in the world of what never was nor will be.

So I’ve made the call, this series will go back to the bench unfinished. There are too many other books that I want to read to spend more time here. I absolutely love the Jason Bourne developed by Robert Ludlam. Further I really liked Lustbader’s Ninja Cycle. I really, really wanted to like his treatment of Jason Bourne, but as of now I’ve given up.

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