May 222011

We all know that I tend to look at the world through humor filled lenses. That may be one of the things that make me enjoy Stanley Bing as much as I do. If you ever forget that he is telling you a joke the magic leaves and the books are no fun. The parallels between Bing and Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert are many. They both start and made good livings in the worlds they lampoon. Both bring a healthy dose of cynicism to their works. The biggest difference may be in the depth of that cynicism. In either case, I enjoy them both for a lot of the same reasons.

In Rome Inc., Bing takes the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and casts it in the light of an American Corporation, referring to the leaders as CEO. The book isn’t very long so there isn’t a lot of detail about great stretches of Roman history and when we do hear about a period of history it is fleeting and transitional. Still, there are lots of laughs to be had. I enjoyed his description of the forming of the Roman empire, the changes brought about by Julius Caesar and really enjoyed his description of Marc Anthony being lead around by his gonads. I’m not sure about the accuracy of everything written here, most especially his conclusions about the Rome & Carthage war. SI still enjoyed reading about the conflict.

With the subject being Roman history there are a few references to sex and with the author being Stanley Bing there is some salty language, including half a dozen bombs of the eff variety. While not a true page turned the book is an easy read and the level of humor is pretty high. If you are a fan of history or work in a corporation its worth the effort. Happy reading.

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