Aug 142013

Utah State

Team Result Thoughts
@ Utah Loss I’m a Ute fan. I can’t pick a “toss up” game for the other team and I see this game as a toss up. This will be a very close exciting game but I think the experienced coaches on the Utah sidelines will make the difference against the rookie Aggie coaches. I’m worried about the young defensive backfield and we’ve never done well against Quarterbacks as mobile as Chuckie but Utah wins in OT.
@ Air Force Win Utah State knows the ‘Bone, the Falcon passing defense might just be atrocious this year which means its go time for Chuckie.
Weber State Win
@ USC Loss I think the Aggies will make more of a showing than most would think. If the game were in Logan I’d pick the upset win but even as bad as the Trojan’s are this year its still the Coliseum.  USC by a field goal.
@ San Jose State Win San Jose has been good in years past, but those years are past now.
BYU Win BYU will be coming off of a closer than expected win against Middle Tennessee State. I expect some letdown as they ride north to Logan. BYU has struggled against mobile QG’s and Keeton is very mobile; I think he runs wild against the BYU defense. I expect this to be a fun game with lots and lots of scoring and two very tired defenses.
Boise State Loss Again closer than expected but still a loss. Taking the Broncos away from Smurf Turf takes away some of the camouflage advantage but doesn’t change the fact that they are an elite program.  If Gary Anderson were still around I’d feel much better about picking an Aggie upset.
@ New Mexico Win  New Mexico will once again be one of the worst teams in DI football.
Hawaii Win  Coach Chow won’t enjoy this year any more than he did last.
UNLV Win By now the Aggies are starting to feel invincible!
Colorado State Win Win Streak hits 4 in a row.
Wyoming Win Utah State closes out the on a 5 game win streak to finish 9-3. A bowl game win means a very respectable 9-4.


Team Result Thoughts
@ Virginia Win Virginia doesn’t look to be very good this year, but they went 4-8 last year that won’t be a surprise.
Texas Loss Texas has speed to burn and BYU has historically struggled against speedy teams. I don’t expect this to be a boat race but I think BYU lets the Longhorns find the end zone too many times in the second half to win the game.
Utah Loss This is another close game but I think Utah coaches make more progress with their team than BYU coaches with theirs. I have the two teams equal to start the season but the faster progression on the hill earns the Utes a win.
Middle Tennessee Win Middle Tennessee is better than you think. They beat two bowl teams last year in Georgia Tech and Western Kentucky but stayed home for bowl season. That experience should make them motivated to win every game, but I don’t think they can come into Provo and surprise the faithful Cougar fans. This will be an exciting, close game but BYU wins.
@ Utah State Loss Utah State fans will be rocking the stadium and kissing under the “A” and Chuckie Keeton will be scoring at will. Without Gary Anderson on the sidelines I expect the Aggie defense to slip compared to last year which should lead to lots of scoring for both teams.
Georgia Tech Win I’m tempted to call this one for G-Tech but I don’t see them traveling this far to a very hostile skittle stadium successfully. The Ramblin’ Wreck could surprise us all but I think they are looking at a 3rd mediocre year in a row, including a loss here.
Houston Win Houston has some very good players but I don’t think they match up well with BYU, especially in Provo.
Boise State Loss A BYU win here shocks the world. Boise State isn’t as good as they have been and they are away from the camouflage creating smurf turf but they are still the big dog in the Mountain West. I expect the stands to empty long before the 4th quarter arrives.
@ Wisconsin Loss I think Gary Anderson is one of the brightest stars in the College Football coaching universe. I also expect him to use his new team’s strength, size, skill and power to revenge last year’s Utah State loss to BYU. The Cougars won’t get blown out but they also won’t win.
Idaho State Win This may be the only “bye” game on the schedule, a far cry from the last few years powder puff slates.
@ Notre Dame Loss Notre Dame could be better this year than they were last year.
Nevada Win Nevada is going to miss Chris Ault even more that USU misses Gary Anderson. Its always nice to end the season with a win, especially when that win gets you to 6-6 and a chance to go bowling. A .500 record isn’t something Cougar fans are going to like, but i suspect many would rather see this years slate of home games and losses rather than the parade of powder puff programs in previous campaigns.


Team Result Thoughts
Utah State Win This is one of the first games of the year for college football. What a great place to be on a Thursday night, but only if Utah can contain Chuckie long enough to send the Aggies home with a loss.
Weber State Win The first and only “bye” game for Utah this year.
Oregon State Win This is where I lead with my heart. I really should pick the Beavers to win, but I think Utah’s offensive and defensive lines progress faster than expected allowing the skill players to shine. I see a come-from-behind thriller ending with a Utah win.
@ BYU Win Utah has shown in the last few years that they are able to beat BYU home or away. A final win before the 2-year hiatus has Brocno Mendenhall reminding Cougar fans that football comes 5th.
UCLA Loss I just can’t summon enough optimism to pick the upset here. UCLA is much better than OSU. I don’t know that Kyle Whittingham inspired “want to” will be enough to overcome the difference.
Stanford Loss The good news is those who go to the game will be watching a contender for the Mythical National Championship. The bad news is that it’ll be Stanford.
Arizona Win Arizona is a year or two away from being really good. So is Utah, but the game happens to be at Rice Stadium so I’ll go with the home field advantage.
@ USC Win I expect USC to be in the middle of a second train wreck year in a row. Lane Kiffin starts to wonder if he can go back to his Tennessee job…
Arizona State Win Arizona State is also a year away from being really good, but once again the game is at Utah. Its not much, but it’ll do.
@ Oregon Loss One year Utah football will march into Autzen Stadium and return with a win. It just won’t be this year.
@ Washington State Win Mike Leach might be the one that finally returns winning football to Spokane. On the other maybe his success at Texas Tech was a fluke. Either way, in a game between to mediocre teams I always pick the team in red.
Colorado Win It will be nice when order has returned to the universe and Utah finishes the season with BYU, but in the mean time a win here gets Utah to an improbable 9-3 and a chance to chase a double digit win season with a bowl game victory. It won’t be as sweet at 13-0 but it would give us a sense the program is headed in the proper direction.

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Nov 162012

Every year I get a few questions about the live Nativity done by the Draper Riverview stake; here is all you need to know.

  • When: November 26th though the 29th
  • Where: 12101 South 700 West in Draper.
  • What: A live Nativity

The Nativity is a great way to kick off your Christmas season, to recover from the commercialism of Black Friday and spend time with your family. You will find lots of people with the same idea, so dress warmly and expect to spend some time waiting in line. The line isn’t the same as the line for Space Mountain and so the wait tends to feel shorter than it is.

If you want to forward the event to your friends on Facebook you will find it here.


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Feb 222012

Some of us are talking about a weekender to Moab the week after Easter. We might want to add this to our list of things to do….

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Jan 262012

Check your speakers if you are at work — there is a loud soundtrack that will start when you click. You don’t need it to have your head turned inside out… 🙂


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Jan 232012

Someone on Reddit posted these. They come from the April 2003 issue of Bicycling. I love how much of it is still current, even though parts of it aren’t as relevant as they were on 2003 (See: Fox Forks.)

If Gary Fisher made toasters, its marketing department would claim Gary invented toasters — and bread.

Foes toasters would be heavy and bright red, and would throw the bread farther in the air than any other toasters.

If Syncros made toasters, they’d be smooth, black, scratch proof and mysteriously overpriced.

If Marzocchi made toasters, it would have the “Toaster Chicks.” The knobs would hurt your hands, and the crumb seal would dry out if the toaster wasn’t used frequently enough.

If ESPN covered toasting, it would call toasting bagels “extreme” toasting, and Mountain Dew would believe them.

If ABC covered toasting, it would play John Tesh in the background and not actually show any toasting.

If OLN covered toasting, you’d record every show.

If Huffy made toasters, it would look like a toaster, it would smell like a toaster, but it wouldn’t have an ejection mechanism. A Huffy toaster would consist of a box with a magnifying glass, and could only be used on sunny days.

Fox Shox toasters would work great for about three months, then drop breadcrumbs all over the counter.

If Specialized made toasters, it would claim to have made the first toaster, when in fact, it was only the first to mass produce toasters.

If Tom Ritchey made toasters, people would say he never got away from his bread roots.

If Cannondale made toasters, you’d have to use thicker slices of bread, buy a Cannondale fork to dig the toast out and use a Cannondale knife to butter it. If either tool broke, not even Cannondale could fix ’em.

Litespeed would make titanium toasters that would weigh as much as aluminum ones and cost as much as a microwave.

Folks would debate the virtues of clipless toasters. You wouldn’t have to push your bread down anymore but would frequently risk knocking the toaster over with the bread still attached.

If Campagnolo made a toaster, no one would care how long it took to break it in, and it would look so smooth and cool, you’d never want to use it to make actual toast. A Campy toaster knob would cost more than an entire Shimano toaster.

If Shimano made a toaster, you’d have to rewire your whole house and change the electrical sockets to Shimano-compatable ones just to plug the darn thing in.

Keith Bontrager’s toasters would be made of steal, have gusseted bodies, gusseted internal frames, gusseted bread supports…

A new “North Shore” toast style would emerge: placing your toaster on thin planks up near the ceiling, and loading your toast while your feet are wet.

Schwinn toaster would be so-so, but they’d remind us of the toasters we grew up using, so we’d buy one for that reason alone.

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Jan 172012

I really wish I knew the back story to this. I saw it referenced on but that’s all I know. Its a bit long, but I think well worth the watch and listen. Some kids are just more gooder than others. 🙂

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